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Location Key
1 Trainers for Necromancers and Evil Clerics, also Merchants selling Dark Gold Robes and Spells
2 Evil Warrior Trainer
3 Evil Rogue Trainer
4 Merchant selling Tinkering Supplies
5 Abbey of Deep Musing - Cleric Trainers and Merchants selling Blunt Weapons, through secret door lies stairs down to Rogue Guild with Merchants selling Rogue Weapons
6 The Smithy - Merchants selling Weapons of all types
7 Merchant selling Blunt Weapons with Forge and Ak'Anon Forge nearby
8 Merchants selling Bags and Boxes, Food and other Goods, also Bard
9 Merchant selling Shoes
10 Library Mechanamagica - Enchanter, Magician, and Wizard Trainers, with Merchants selling Spells, Gold Robes, and equipment for all spellcasters
11 Merchant selling Small Cloth and Leather Armor, also Tailoring Patterns
12 Merchants selling Food, Fishing Supplies, Crystals, and Potions
13 Ak'Anon Palace - King Ak'Anon resides here, Oven, Pottery Wheel, and Kiln inside
14 Warrior Guild - Warrior Trainers and Merchant selling Various Weapons
15 Merchant selling Fishing Supplies, outside Merchant selling Small Cloth Armor and Small Sewing Kit, Loom outside
16 Priest of Discord and Merchant selling Food and other Goods, Soulbinder nearby
17 Bank of Ak'Anon, and Merchants selling Jewelry supplies (Gems)
18 Merchants selling Jewelry Supplies (Metals)
19 Ak'Anon Zoo
20 Merchants selling Small Cloth Armor, Food and other Goods, Weapons of Various Types, and Small Shields of all types
21 Merchant selling Fletching Supplies for making Arrows
22 Bar - Merchants selling Alcohol, Brew Barrel inside
Note that the lettered areas lead to each other.

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