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Location Key
C Locked door, requires smoked glass key
1 Pit from area 2 on level 1
2 Spawn area of Thaumaturgist who drops Dagger of Marnek (Common), Gossimer Robe (Uncommon) and Thaumaturgist's Robe (Rare) and Damask Robe (Rare), and Priest Amiaz who drops Blackened Wand (Rare)
3 Spawn area of Troll Shadow Knight who drops Bone Bladed Claymore (Rare)
4 Bottom of pit trap in area 3 on level 2
5 Spawn area of Elf Skeleton who drops Thex Mallet Piece
6 Spawn area of Dark Elf Female Shadow Knight who drops Barbed Legplates (Rare)
Note that in the room north of #6 is the spawn spot of Babbinsbort who drops Icon of the Ardent

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