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Location: On the Western Coast of the continent of Kunark

Burning Wood

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Adjacent Zones: Frontier Mountains, Dreadlands, Skyfire Mountains, Chardok
Level of Monsters: 38-55
Types of Monsters: Forest Giant Arbors, Verdants, and Ancients, Sarnak Knights, Extremists, Avengers, Zealots, and Champions, Moldering Gorillas and Apes, Tatterback Gorillas and Apes, Tottering Gorillas and Apes, Cinder Hornet, Ash Hornet, Ember Hornet, Scoriae Hornet, Wurms, Mountain Verdant Giant, Mountain Giant Ancients, Greater Warbone Skeletons, Plaguebone Skeletons, Greater Plaguebone Skeletons, Greater Barbed Skeletons
Notable NPC's: Atheling Plague (?), Azdalan, Entalon, Gorgul Packlok, Gullerback, Gyltin, Ixiblat Fer, Korasal Klyseer, Nezekezena, Phurzikon, Sarnak Imitator, Slixin Klex, Xyfl
Unique Items: Axe of Iron Back, Forest Loop, Ketchata Koro Mis, Lumberjack Cap, Runic Carver, Sarnak Earring of Station, Sarnak Emblazoned Tabard, Sarnak Knight's Sword, Sarnak Sacrificial Dagger, Scaled Wolf Hide Leggings, Straw Spun Belt, Tattered Mantle, Tree Weave
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Text last updated: 04/26/02
Map last updated: 11/01/00


The Burning Wood was an ancient, beautiful forest. Now, however, its surface has been scarred by the fiery meteors that have stricken this area in the recent centuries, leaving its surface marred and aflame.


The Burning Wood is like many of the outdoor areas in Kunark, a vast open area that is crisscrossed by many wandering monsters. Most of the outer edges of the area are fairly heavily forested and hilly, making visibility of these monsters even worse, and given that they will frequently travel and even spawn on the edges of the zone, makes hunting the zone edges more dangerous than elsewhere.

The center area, although more open, is not without its dangers. Since much of the center area is more blasted and ablaze, many wurms and undead, as well as the apes, can be seen wandering this area. Pretty much every monster in this zone is aggressive to everyone, although invisibility works on some of them as well. Hunting in the center requires that you keep your eyes open.

The other big danger in the zone is the huge craters. These are a danger if you are travelling quickly through this zone, because they are very deep and steep, and cresting a hill to have the ground open beneath you at top speed can be gut-wrenching at best.


This is one of the few outdoor zones where hunting in the middle of the zone may be preferable to clinging to the walls and pulling there. In a group with people that can watch around and make sure monsters aren't inbound and casters who are on their toes, the more clear areas of the zone make good hunting, with a steady supply of monsters with a pretty consistent level and can provide good experience.

There are only a couple of areas with static spawns in the zone, and these are the sarnak fortress to the northeast, the forest giant town over the crater, and the hornet's nest in the southwest. Also, a couple of the ruins have monsters that appear in them regularly. These, again, can be hunted fairly easily by a good group.

Many of the monsters in this zone have specific weaknesses that can be exploited by a class designed to take advantage of them. Many monsters, including the apes and gorillas, are considered to be undead, and are affected by those spells.

Also, many of the higher level monsters in this zone have random spell drops as loot, so it's a good place to hunt for spells as well.

Travelling To and From Burning Wood

Burning Wood can be reached through several zones. The zone into the Dreadlands is located at approximately -3500, -800. In the Dreadlands this zone is at approximately 2500, -1000.

The Skyfire Mountains can be reached by zoning at approximately 4000, 1500. Unknown what is loc of zone in the Skyfire Mountains.

The Frontier Mountains can be reached at approximately -2800, -4625, which is in a tunnel. In the Frontier Mountains this corresponds to location (at the end of the tunnel) of -2580, 3760.

Chardok can be reached through the evil lizard castle at approximately 5900, -3800. The zone entrance is not the same as the exit, which you can reach by travelling left into Chardok and will return to Burning Wood.

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