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Location Key
G Guard Houses
1 Docks: Northern Pier leads to Freeport, Southern Pier leads to Kunark, Merchants that sell Food and other goods, also many houses representing all the races on Faydwer
2 Stone with Guard
3 Ancient Stone Ring, protected by Dwarves
4 Huts with Merchants who sell Food, Cookie Molds, Smithing Molds, Brewing Supplies and Books, and other Goods
5 Goblin Camp
6 Partially destroyed Ancient Stone Ring with Crazed Goblins who drop Blade of Nobility (Rare)
7 The Chessboard
8 Dwarf Hut
9 Tower with Guards and High Elf Merchant selling Food and other goods
10 Bandit Camp with Peg Leg and others
11 Goblin Warrior Camp
12 Bandit Camp
13 Altar
14 Stone Pillar protected by Orcs
15 Goblin Camp
16 Dwarf Houses which sell Leather Armor and Sewing Patterns
17 Abandoned Guard House
18 "The Crossroads" - Guard House with Nyzil Bloodforge
19 Merchants who sell Clay, Firing Sheets, Chain Armor and other goods
20 Druid Ring with Merchant selling Druid Spells
21 Haunted Tower
22 Goblin Camp
23 Stone Tower

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