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Location: Off of the southern edge of the Feerrott

Accursed Temple of Cazic-Thule (Main Map)

Accursed Temple of Cazic-Thule (Lower Levels)

Cazic-Thule Courtyard

Cazic-Thule Maze

Adjacent Zones: Feerrott
Level of Monsters: 50+
Types of Monsters: Amygadalan Protector, Enraged Disciple, Enraged Tae Ew Fanatic, Living Void, Lifestealer Mosquito, Virulent Mosquito, Large Hunter, Jungle Hunter, Jungle Stalker, Jungle Raptor, Tiger Raptor, Fierce Jungle Raptor, Fierce Tiger Raptor, Frenzied Tiger Raptor, Greenblood Piranha, Large Greenblood Piranha, Ooze, Swirling Ooze, Pool of Slime, Crystalline Mass, Quivering Mass, Shiverback, Tae Ew (various types): Bloodcaller, Defender, Disciple, Fanatic, Judicator, Justicar, Lifedrinker, Lifestealer, Proselyte, Protector, Spiritcaller, Warder, Warrior, and Zealot; Thul Tae Ew (various types): Bloodcaller, Defender, Fanatic, High Priest, Judicator, Justicar, Lifestealer, Protector, Warder, and Zealot; Unseen Force
Notable NPC's: Tahia Felwa
Unique Items: Acid Scarred Chain Tunic, Amygdalan War Staff, Axe of Aggression, Barbed Rubicite Armor, Battered Stein, Bloodclaw, Bloodclaw Leggings, Bone Tipped Stabbing Spear, Boots of Flowing Slime, Boots of the Mosquito, Bowl of Vicious Ooze, Cogbobble's Clockwork Contraption, Crystallized Acid Armor, Darkmoon Blade, Disciple's War Gauntlets, Diseased War Mace, Dread Coronet, Dreadfang Mask, Dreadfang's Hide, Earring of Living Slime, Earring of Pain, Envenomed Mask of Hunting, Feartouched Rubicite Vambraces, Fetid Orb, Fetid Shiverback Armor, Fleshgrinder, Fright Imbued Battlestaff, Frightchaser's Hide, Frightforged War Mask, Goo Covered Knight's Blade, Greatsword of Discipline, Hammer of Spiritcalling, Heavy Rubicite Armor, Heavy Stone Greathammer, Imbued Froglokhide Shield, Iron Cog Earring, Jungle Spider Carapace, Jungle Spider Fur Cap, Knight Maul, Light Rubicite Chain Boots, Lizard Bone Earring, Lizard Skin Sash, Mosquito Eye Earring, Mosquito Hide Belt, Mosquito Hide Mask, Mosquito Leg Earring, Ooze Covered Rubicite Armor, Oozing Bracer, Ornate Rubicite Greaves, Piranha Scale Fistwraps, Piranha Scale Mask, Piranha Scale Sash, Piranha Scale Wristwrap, Piranha Tooth Necklace, Prelate's Lanter, Prelate's Rubicite Bracer, Prelate's Rubicite Helm, Primitive Iron Dagger, Raptor Hide Bracelet, Raptor Hide Cap, Raptor Hide Shield, Raptor Tooth Baubles, Razorsharp Pirahna Fin, Red Alloy War Shield, Robe of Viscid Slime, Rotting Gorilla Hide Helmet, Rough Steel Cog Earring, Rubicite Staff, Sanguine Tome, Savage Stone Axe, Savage Warblade, Serrated Pirahna Fang, Shield of Striking, Shimmering Slime Necklace, Silver Shiverback Hide Sash, Silverfang Club, Silverflank Belt, Slime Covered Rubicite Coif, Sorrowsong Boots, Spiked Chain Sleeves, Spiked Club of Blood, Spiked Raptortail, Spiked Ringmail Sleeves, Spiked Rubicite Mantle, Staff of Primordial Summoning, Stone Hammer of Havoc, Stone Tipped Stabbing Spear, Stonebladed Axe of Dismay, Striped Raptor Hide Boots, Tae Ew Bloodletter's Sword, Tae Ew Ceremonial Necklace, Tae Ew Hammer of Aggression, Tae Ew Hunting Blade, Tae Ew Ritualist's Mask, Tae Ew Tribal Shield, Tae Ew War Helm, Tae Ew War Maul, Terrorclaw's Hide, Thulian Crusaders Earring, Toxiferious Axe, Unadorned Bone Dagger, Vinecutter, Viscid Slime Gloves, Wooden Stabbing Spear
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Text last updated: 06/18/02
Map last updated: 06/18/02


The Lost Temple of Cazic-Thule lies deep in the swamps in the south of Antonica, hidden on an island beneath vines and protected by its caretakers and worshippers, the lizard men. Within the temple exists a thriving community of lizard men and priests of Cazic-Thule.


Cazic-Thule is a dungeon like all others, with bodies littering the front entrance and people shouting "train!" Unlike many other dungeons, however, the trains are the least of your concerns, depending on where you are hunting. The dungeon is set up in many small out-of-the-way places with narrow escape routes, so most people, even if they wanted to run, couldn't. What this means is that, although there are trains, they are usually from the areas closest to the entrance, and don't come from the far corners of the dungeon. For people hunting in the courtyard, this is a problem, since the train will either jump the tracks and attack them, or will attack them on its way back through to home.

This zone is a very high-level zone. Thankfully it is broken up into some smaller areas that, if you fight your way to, you can camp in with relative ease. However some of the deeper areas remain mostly off limits.



Travelling To and From Cazic-Thule

Cazic-Thule can be found in the swamps of the Feerrott, home of the ogres. Travelling from the west (Rathe Mountains) leads you to the west side of the swamp. From there head to the southeast keeping your eyes peeled for the local Bouncers and you will hit a river. Swim the river and head south on the island, you can't miss the temple as it makes up the whole of the south end of the island. Do not travel along the edge, as you will pass very near the spectre cave, which can be deadly...

From the east (Innothule Swamp) you should turn left upon entering the zone and follow the border around to the river, swim it, and you will run along the wall of the temple to the entrance. This path is safer, but the Bouncers can occasionally be seen wandering even this far out. Be careful...

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