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Location Key
1 Orc Bridge
2 The Chasm
3 Broken Bridge with Stalag Terrors
4 Rib Bridge
5 Great Hall with Stalag Terrors
6 Room with Stalag Terrors who drop Crystal Fiber (Uncommon), Terror Carvers who drop Crystal Covered Shroud (Common), Hollow Crystals who drop Crystal Fiber (Common) and Frostone Stein (Rare), and outside Life Leech who drops Chipped Velium Amulet (Common) and Blackened Crystallized Robe (Rare), and Terror Carver who drops Stalag Terror Spine Spear (Common)
7 Geonid Tunnels
8 Room with Queen Dracnia who drops Sceptre of the Coldain Ancients (Always), Crystalline Robe (Uncommon), Messenger of the Queen (Rare), Dracnid Purifier who drops Crystal Lined Slippers (?Rarity) and Crystal Glass Slippers (Rare), Dracnid Lurker who drops Spider Fang Choker (Common), and nearby the Dracnid Retainer who drops Crystallized Two-Handed Sword (Common), Crystallized Sword (Rare), Glowing Velium Axe (Rare), and Crystal Webshield (Rare) and Crystal Grinder who drops Crystal Grinder (Common)

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