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Location Key
1 Orc Camp ("Orc Camp 2")
2 Inn with Alcohol, Cloth Armor, Magician Books, Spell Components, Tiny Daggers, and Gems (Inn 4)
3 Hut with Shields, Food, Herbs, and Compass
4 Inn with Arrows and Nocks, Alcohol, and Cloth Armor (Inn 3)
5 Obelisk with Rangers
6 Orc Camp ("Orc Camp 1") with Lord Shin Ree
7 Inn with Food, Alcohol, and Cloth Armor (Inn 2)
8 Haunted Ruins
9 Empty Hut
10 Plagued Huts
11 Inn with Food, Alcohol, Cloth Armor, and Pottery Supplies (Inn 1), also Baking Supplies
12 Shop with Miscellaneous Weapons and Throwing Weapons
13 Shop with Spell Components
14 Shop with Cleric Trainer

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