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Location: On the eastern edge of the vast Plains of Karana

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Adjacent Zones: Northern Plains of Karana, Highpass Hold, Gorge of King Xorbb
Level of Monsters: 10-30+
Types of Monsters: Lions and Lionesses, Lion Patriarchs, Lioness Matriarchs, Rogue Lions, Crag Spiders, Carrion Spiders, Bandits, Highwaymen, Gorge Hounds, War Wolves, Silvermist Wolves, Dark Stalkers, Gnolls, Chasm Crawler, Bullhorn Snake, Spirit Stalker, Gnoll Reavers, Undead Reavers, Griffawns, Evil Eyes, Griffons, Cyclops, Hill Giants, Treants
Notable NPC's: Ancient Cyclops, Broon, Proon, Droon, Chief SaNre'Rexxa, Tallus Holton, Sir Morgan, Grennix Mucktail, Vexven Mucktail, Emhu Mucktail, Splintered Claw, Jairn, Tarbul Earthstrider
Unique Items: item for Ranger armor quest
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Text last updated: 03/13/01
Map last updated: 09/03/01


The Eastern Plains of Karana is a rough, partly hilly area on the eastern edge of the Plains of Karana. The area is frequented by many of the rarest and most dangerous creatures in all of Antonica, and is connected to the rest of the world only by two narrow mountain passes and one massive bridge. Some intrepid souls make their homes out here amidst the creatures.


This area is frequented by some very dangerous and aggressive creatures, many of which are similar to other areas of the Plains of Karana (hill giants, griffawns) and many more which are unique to this area (the gnoll and undead reavers, gorge hounds and war wolves, evil eyes, lion and lioness royalty). There is a lot of good hunting here, but it comes at the price of being very dangerous.

Given that this is the case, there are few places to hunt safely (other than the edges of the zone) and no real guard to protect you or to run to. Random death is the key here, and with so many creatures running around who are aggressive (it's like you're in an angry zoo) I wouldn't recommend hunting here until you reach 15th level, unless you are very good at avoiding dangers.

Also note the presence of very high level killing machines that are here, like the evil eyes, Broon and cyclops, name gnolls. Even if you're hunting carefully within your level, these can certainly spoil your day.


This area provides good hunting from 15th until about 25th level, roughly, as the area is just jam-packed with monsters that you'll be able to hunt. It also is somewhat less crowded than areas that are closer to the main cities. This makes the area good hunting for a careful group.

Sir Morgan is a well-known feature of this area. He is a plate-clad knight who hangs out just east of the bridge from Northern Karana with his squire and offers to guide you to the other side and protect you along the way. His price is fairly cheap, and if you have bad luck avoiding danger, might be worth the price to have this man guide you and keep your hide from harm.

Travelling To and From Eastern Plains of Karana

The southern and western borders of this area are blocked by a vast river that continues flowing westward through the Plains of Karana. The sole way across this is over a massive bridge in the northern part of the western edge, likely built by giants many years ago, if anything can be guessed from the massive scale of the structure.

The pass to Highpass Hold lies on the eastern edge of the zone, through a very long and narrow pass through the mountains.

One can also travel into the Gorge of King Xorbb, which lies in the northeastern corner. A trail leads past some shops on the way to the Gorge.

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