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Location Key
1 Coldain Camp with Drummon Coldshanks
2 Ruined Houses with Ry'Gorr and Giant Guards and Corbin Blackwell
3 Coldain Camp with Dobbin Crossaxe and Coldain Missionaries
4 Frost Giant Fortress with Fjoarin IceBane and Peffin Ambersnow, nearby Ekelng Thunderstone
5 Coldain Camp with Garadain Glacierbane
6 Ry'Gorr Keep with Chief Ry'Gorr, Oracle of Ry'Gorr, Blacksmith of Ry'Gorr, Firbrand the Black, and portal to Crystal Caverns, nearby is half-buried Tower with exit from Geonid part of Crystal Caverns with Rodrick Tardok and Ry'Gorr Emissary
7 Coldain Camp with Orcs
8 Great Span
9 Coldain Camp with IceFang and Korrigain
10 Dead Dragon Corpse with Portal to Sleeper's Tomb
11 Coldain Camp with Coldains and Loremaster Derrin

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