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Location: Underneath the surface of Luclin

Echo Caverns

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Adjacent Zones: The Deep, Fungus Grove, Shadow Haven
Level of Monsters: 20-40
Types of Monsters: Bogling, Bogling Cultist, Bogling Lookout, Bogling Scout, Bogling Warrior, Fungal Fiend, Needling, Outcast Mutant, Saprophyte Spawn, Stonegrabber, Undead Slave, Underbulk, Wormspore
Notable NPC's: Bogling Chieftain, Fireclaw, The Great Saprophyte, Needlite Queen, Taskmaster Torkazh, Trillicor
Unique Items: Fireclaw Carapace, Needlite Wing
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor

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Text last updated: 02/22/02
Map last updated: 02/16/02


Echo Caverns is a twisting collection of caverns that wind their way under the surface. The confusing tunnels have become home to many strange creatures, and are also used to reach areas deeper and more dangerous, if you know where to look.


Although not dangerous, the layout of the caverns is confusing. Basically there are two different set of caverns that don't intersect. One you can get to through the secret entrance in Shadow Haven, and leads to the Fungus Grove. The other you can get to through the more obvious entrance from Shadow Haven, and lets you go on to the Deep.

Near the entrance to Fungus Grove are many plants that inhabit the walls and floors, which can cast a root spell on you if you are unwary and travel too close to them. This can be especially troublesome if you are trying to get away from something else quickly.


The dungeon is very small on the inside. This means that, if you know where you are going, you can move quickly through it. It also means that you can fight within it and be very close to guards who will protect you, or one of the many zones to flee if you get in over your head.

Travelling To and From Echo Caverns

Shadow Haven connects to Echo from two different locations, in a secret corridor behind an old shop, and also from the area where the gnomes and dwarves have taken up residence there.

The entrance to Fungal Caverns is at 1100, 1000.

The entrance to the Deep is at -1700, 1100.

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