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Location Key
1 Cleric and Necromancer Trainers
2 Warrior, Shadow Knight, Enchanter, Mage, and Wizard Trainers
3 Cleric and Necromancer Trainers
4 Cleric and Shadow Knight Trainers
5 Shadow Knight Trainer, Merchants selling Weapons and Spells
6 Cleric and Necromancer Trainers, Merchants selling Spells
7 Necromancer Trainer, Merchants selling Necromancer Equipment and Spells
8 Shadow Knight Trainer, Merchant selling Weapons
9 Rogue Trainers
10 Dark Elf Rogue Trainer
11 Rogue Trainers
12 Rogue Guild Master and Trainers
A Stairs up to Hidden Entrance to Building #13 in East Freeport
B Door to Building #11 in East Freeport

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