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Location Key
1 Upper is Teleporter Arrival Platform, Lower is Teleporter to Erudin
2 Bank of Erudin
3 Erudin City Office - Merchants selling Bags, Prison downstairs
4 Sothure's Fine Gems - Merchants selling Gems and Metals and all Jewelry Supplies
5 Vials of Vitality - Merchants selling Jewelry Supplies (all except metal), Potions, Magic Stones
6 Tower of the Crimson Hands - Wizard Guild, Merchants selling Spells, Crimson Robes, Wizard Books, Gems (assorted)
7 Tower of the Gate Callers - Magician Guild, Merchants selling Spells, Blue Robes, Gems (many), Magician Equipment
8 Tower of the Craft Keepers - Enchanter Guild, Merchants selling Spells, Gold Robes, Gems (assorted), and various Spell Components
9 Merchant selling Common Spells
Lettered Stairs go up or down to their correspondingly letter.

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