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Location Key
1 Tizmak Caverns
2 Wizard Spires with Nexus Scion
3 Frost Giant Outpost with Gralk Dwarfkiller and Fergul Frostsky
4 Dragon Portal
5 Shardwurm Caverns, Guardian Shardwurms and Shardwurm Broodmother in one room, Crystalline Wurms and Shardwurm Matriarch in the largest cavern
6 Caverns with Coldain Smuggler
7 Kodiak Bear Caves with Bloodmaw
8 Kodiak Bear Caves with Icetooth
9 Captain's Camp
10 Coldain Velium Mines with Relik and Korf Brokenhammer
11 Camp of Vores the Hunter

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