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Location: An ancient castle on Luclin's light side

Grieg's End

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Adjacent Zones: Dawnshroud Peaks, Scarlet Desert
Level of Monsters: 45-60
Types of Monsters: Unknown
Notable NPC's: Grieg, Servitor of Luclin
Unique Items: Unknown
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor (some Outdoor spells work)

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Text last updated: 02/19/02
Map last updated: 12/03/01


Grieg's End is the haunted remains of the castle built by Grieg, an ancient geomancer that provided the ability for the Combine Empire to travel to the moon of Luclin. After finding out that they were permanently trapped on the moon, many of the Combine turned against him and drove him to this place. His attempts to discover a route back to Norrath were thwarted by Luclin herself, who drove him mad before he could discover the way.


The monsters in this zone are all unique, with unique strengths and weaknesses. This means that you must be constantly aware of exactly what you are fighting and modify tactics to take that into account. Some are also plants, some undead, some more resistant to certain spells or to melee damage. Some are invisible until aggro'ed. Many of them are triggered, and appear randomly around you, and do not have a "spawn spot" to return to after they kill you.

There is a unique spell that the monsters reportedly cast on you that changes you into a different form to every viewer, although you are still able to function normally, you look very different.

CoH does not work in this zone.


The lower level and higher level content of this zone has been placed slightly apart from each other, so it is relatively safer for lower level characters to hunt here.

Travelling To and From Grieg's End

Grieg's End can be reached from Scarlet Desert and Dawnshroud Peaks.

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