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Location Key
1 Gnolls with Grenix Mucktail who drops Polished Granite Tomahawk (Common)
2 The Golden Rooster, with Brewing Supplies, Alcohol, and Miscellaneous Items
3 Shop with Kiln, Pottery Wheel, Goods, Food, and Pottery Sketches
4 Tiger's Roar, with Alcohol, Brew Barrel, Oven, and Brewing Supplies
5 Bandit Camp
6 Serpent Supply, with Kiln, Pottery Wheel, Food, Forge, and Tailoring Supplies
7 Lumberyard, with Brew Barrel and Alcohol
8 Greenbanes' Weapons, with Weapons, Clay, and Firing Sheets, Forge Outside
9 Orcs with Hagnis Shralok who drops Shiny Brass Halberd (Common), Shralok Pack (Rare), and Shiny Brass Idol (Common)
Note that there is an additional area not shown in the map above. Passing into the water near area 4 and through a narrow tunnel (not the one that leads to the other pond) leads to an area filled with smugglers and equipment necessary for trade skills.

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