Location Key
1 West Tower with Niltoth the Unholy
2 East Tower with Ghost of Kindle
3 Room with High Scale Kirn
4 West Graveyard with Keeper of the Tombs
5 East Graveyard with Ulrik the Devout and Ghost of Glohnor
6 Courtyard with Commander Yarik
7 Entrance to Plane of Underfoot behind locked door, Master Yael who drops Brell's Girdle, Earthshaker, Idol of the Underking, Loam Encrusted Robe, and Serpent's Tooth, and Nortlav the Scalekeeper
8 Pool with Jaeil the Wretched
9 Room with Kejar the Mighty
10 Observation Room with Stonesoul the Unmoving who drops Loam Encrusted Cloak
11 Secret Vault with Mimics
12 Mushroom Cellar with Polzin Mrid
13 Jail Cell with Slizik the Mighty
14 Jail Cell with Caradon
15 Entry Observation Tower with locked door on east end
Note that all the lettered areas connect to the area with the same letter on a breakout map.