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Location Key
Please contact me with information regarding what can be found in the above map
1 Rooms with Skeletal Caretaker who drops Jarsath Vambraces (Common), Mrylokar's Gift (Uncommon) and Tolan's Darkwood Boots (Rare), westernmost area is also area of Verix Kylox's Remains who drops Kylong Medallion
2 Rooms with Undead Jailer who drops Jarsath Scale Leggings (Common), Baton of Faith (Rare) and Mrylokar Boots (Ultra Rare)
3 Area where moat monsters spawn and move west and south to Moat, including Skeletal Scryer who drops Jarsath Scale Gloves (Common), Jarsath Trident (Rare), Deepwater Gauntlets (Rare), and Locustlure (Rare)
4 Rooms with Spectral Turnkey who drops Jarsath Scale Boots (? Rarity), Book of Obulus (Rare) and Mrylokar's Gauntlets (Ultra Rare)
C leads to the stairs marked C on the Upper Level Map
D leads to well marked D on the Upper Level Map
Note that the letter A's sections connect to one another
Note that the tunnel leading to the tower section has been truncated

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