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Location Key  
1 Starlight Music - Musical Instruments, Bard Songs; Adornments of the Night - Metal and Gems, Cloth Patterns, Loom  
2 Bard Trainer, Shaman Trainer  
2a Druid Trainer  
3 Mansion  
4 Bread Breakers Baked Goods - Oven, Cooking Supplies, Cooking Molds, Brewing Supplies, Food and Other Goods, Bags  
5 Second Kin Armory - Combine Plate and Chain Armor, Plate Molds, Blacksmithing Books, Chain Patterns, Forge, Ore, Hammers, Dyes, Superior Combine Weapons, Blade Molds, Combine Ranged Weapons  
6 Cleric, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, and Warrior Trainers  
7 Midnight Ceramics - Clay, Ore, Sheets, Pottery Sketches, Kiln, Pottery Wheel; Shooting Stars Archery - Fletching Equipment, Bowmaking Equipment  
8 Graveyard outside  
9 (upper level) Enchanter, Magician, and Wizard Trainers and Spells, including high-level Magician pet spells  
9 (underground area) Tinkering Supplies  
10 Bank  
11 Nectar of Unity Brewery and Tavern - Alcohol, Brew Barrel  

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