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Location Key
Note in the above map that the lettered areas are shafts of water that extend in and out of the page.
A "The Hole" a shaft that goes down from First Floor to Second Floor and keeps going down into the "Piranha Pit" where Ravenous Stiletto Fang Piranha spawns
B Shaft down from Second Floor
C Shaft up from Second Floor to #4
D "Bubble's Tube" a shaft down from Second Floor to opening to north and eventually to #3
E Shaft up to #14
1 "First Floor" with Fierce Impaler who drops Gloomwater Harpoon (Common) and Darksea Harpoon (Rare)
2 "Second Floor"
3 "Bubble's Den" with Cauldronbubble who drops Sharkbone Warhammer (Common) and Hammerhead Helm (Rare)
4 Room with Golden Haired Mermaid who drops Lock of Mermaid Hair
5 "Fallen Gate Room" with shaft to east which leads downwards
6 "Safe Den"
7 "The Balcony" which is a common pull spot for Estrella
8 "Estrella's Temple" with Estrella of Gloomwater who drops Rod of Drones (Common) and Lamentation Blade (Common) and Prayer Shawl (Rare) and Shellara Ebbhunter who drops Gloomwater Arrow (Common) and Pearlescent Mask (Rare)
9 "Temple of Prexus" with Undertow who drops Blazing Wand (Common) and Squallsurge Shawl (Rare)
10 Spawn spot of Coralyn Kelpmaiden who drops Sharkbone Warhammer (Common) and Sharkskin Drum (Rare)
11 "Seahorse Caves" with Seahorse Matriarch who drops Rod of Health (Common) and Shield of Prexus (Rare)
12 "The Crossroads"
13 "Boil's Lair" with Cauldronboil who drops Sharkjaw Cutlass (Common) and Kedgemail Gauntlets (Rare)
14 "Frenzied Room" with Frenzied Cauldron Shark who drops Shark Tooth (Common) and Abalone Gorget (Rare)
15 "Patriarch's Room" with Seahorse Patriarch who drops Wand of Ice (Common) and Seahorse Scale Cloak (Rare)
16 "Ferocious Room" with Ferocious Cauldron Shark who drops Wand of Shadow (Common) and Driftwood Treasure Chest (Rare)
17 Room with Phinigel Autropos who drops any of the following: Blue Crystal Staff, Robe of the Kedge, Rod of Malisement, Staff of Elemental Mastery, Trident of Seven Seas, Wand of Mana Tapping

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