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Location Key
1 Shop with Boxes, Boots, Lightstones
2 Shop with Food
3 Closed Hut
4 Ruined Hut
5 Closed Hut
6 Haunted Stone Ring
7 Ranger Trainer Morin Shadowbane, as well as Ranger who gives out Ivy Etched Armor Quests, Shops with Food, Staves, and Arrows
8 Closed Hut with Thumper outside
9 Ruined Hut
10 Shop with Compass, Food, Alchemy Leaves (Balm Leaves, Larkspur, Elf Leaf, Dragonwort)
11 Shops with Food, Arrows, Spell Components, Peridot, Bloodstone
12 Named Orc area (the Gan'Shraloks)
Note on the above map there are more ruined buildings located at -350, +1060 and +120, +790. The Ingot of Reliant spawns on a stump at approx -90, 3300 and Turgen's Diary spawns in empty hut located at approx 1700, 1100.
Hut #9 located at 900, 2200 is now taken over by powerful Dark Elves.

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