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Location Key
1 Shin Knight Room
2 "Elder Room" with Minotaur Elder who drops Chrysoberyl Talisman (Common) and Carved Ivory Mask (Rare) as well as Brother Raster who drops Idol of Zan Fi, pit in tunnel to south leads into room with Elder.
3 The Maze
4 Live Side Setup Area, relatively safe area to set up at and pull to
5 "Three Mino Room" with three Minotaurs
6 Room with Minotaur Patriarch who drops Azure Sleeves (Common) and Ebony Bladed Sword (Rare)
7 "Jail Room" with Slaythe the Slayer who drops Broken Bow Part B who spawns in dead end just north of this room
8 Ledge with Evil Eye who drops Bag of Sewn Evil Eye
9 "Noble Room" with Froglok Noble who drops White Gold Necklace (Common) and Gilded Cloth (Rare)
10 "Live Keep" with three floors, middle floor with Froglok Priest who drops Silver-plated Leggings (Common) and Amethyst Bracelet (Rare), bottom floor with Froglok Crusader who drops Runed Falchion (Common) and Runed Mithril Tunic (Rare)
11 "Huge Elemental Room" with Huge Water Elemental
12 "King Prep Room"
13 "Herbalist Room" with Froglok Herbalist who drops Mithril Frog Totem (Common) and Shimmering White Shroud (Rare)
14 "King Room" with Froglok King who drops Crown of the Froglok King (Common) and Mithril Two-Handed Sword (Rare) and Froglok Tactician who drops Black Tome with Silver Runes (Common) and Platinum Tiara (Rare)
Letter A marks the zone to Upper Guk

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