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Location: An underground area believed to be a remnant of Norrath

Maiden's Eye

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Adjacent Zones: Akheva Ruins, Dawnshroud Peaks, Umbral Plains
Level of Monsters: 45-60
Types of Monsters: Coterie Centurion, Coterie Legionnaire, Goranga Follower, Goranga Gatherer, Goranga Hunter, Goranga Shaman, Mind Burrower, Ravenous Beast, Reanimated Drudge, Shadow Overlord, Skeletal Drudge, Spectral Wolf, Umbrous Toiler, Vampyre Bats, Xi Vius, Xi Xaui
Notable NPC's: Goranga Battlemaster, Goranga Chieftain, Goranga Prophet, Goranga Savant, Goranga Spiritseer, Shadow Overlord, Thought Stealer, Xi thall, Xin Thall Centien
Unique Items: Axgoreth's Belt of Defense, Belt of Defiance, Centi Longsword, Centi Shortsword, Centi Warhammer, Centi Warspear, Centien Visor, Coterie Armor, Divine Inspiration, Earring of Magi'kot, Ethereal Earring, Ethereal Mist Earring, Forhal's Gauntlets, Gloves of the Damned, Goranga Beads, Goranga Hammer, Goranga Idol, Goranga Spear, Goranga Spiked Club, Goranga Tribal Warhammer, Goranga Warbeads, Goranga Warhammer, Grodan's Flowing Cape, Grodan's Idol, Hoop of Magi'kot, Idol of the Fallen, Medallion of Life, Medallion of Magi'kot, Rune Smudged Battle Staff, Rune Smudged Bone Spear, Rune Smudged Great Staff, Shaded Blade, Shaded Mask of Rygan, Shaded Shield, Shaded Tunic, Shiny Ore Machete, Shiny Stone Dagger, Shiny Stone Hammer, Shrouded Boots, Shrouded Medallion, Slated Sword, Slighted Gloves, Slighted Pauldrons, Stone Idol, Stone Visor, Strength of Grodan, Thorn Ring of the Seer, Transient Arms, Transient Idol, Vah Shir Claw Earring
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Text last updated: 04/24/02
Map last updated: 03/17/02


This is the site of an ancient city named Akheva that was long ago destroyed by an unknown force. Now the living dead roam the city grounds and guard the entrance to deeper in.


This is a high level outdoor zone designed mostly for groups of people to hunt in. Although you can solo here, it isn't recommended at all and will be difficult to do.

In the southwest corner of the zone are many undead (the coterie and drudges) and the vampyre bats, all of whom can see through invis and are highly aggressive. Travelling through that area is very difficult.


There are a large number of nice items that drop in this zone, and they drop with good frequency. Many of them are no drop as well, so you will be required to be here to get them. These include some nice class-specific items.

Travelling To and From Maiden's Eye

The entrance to Akheva Ruins is located at -2300, +200.

The entrance to Umbral Plains is located at -250, -2050.

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