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Location: Plain on the light side of Luclin

Marus Seru

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Adjacent Zones: Mons Letalis, Netherbian Lair, Sanctus Seru
Level of Monsters: 20-40
Types of Monsters: Crumbling Stonegrabber, Hand of Seru, Greyhopper, Lightcrawler, Recuso, Recuso Hunter, Rhino Beetle, Rhino Beetle Hatchling, Stonegrabber, Weathered Stonegrabber, Zelniak Ripper, Zelniak Shredder, Zelniak Tearer
Notable NPC's: Gerak Jelin, Queen Kvaknak, Reothe
Unique Items: Unknown
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Text last updated: 02/16/02
Map last updated: 01/06/02


Marus Seru is the Sea of Seru, a blasted landscape on the light side of Luclin, near the city of Sanctus Seru. The stone shows evidence of having been melted into one glistening sheet eons ago, and since then the area remains a scorching, eternally light plain. The recuso who have been cast out of Sanctus Seru make their home here.


The zelniaks are highly aggressive to anything moving within the zone, and have a large aggro radius. Also, the lightcrawlers are aggressive to anyone as well, although are much less common. The stonegrabbers and rockhoppers are generally social, and will help any of their allies that you are fighting.


This plain is a vast open area, which is good for people who like to hunt in places like that. It is also flat and eternally light, so visibility is very good.

Most of the monsters here are relatively weak in comparison to others on the moon (which are generally much more powerful than they appear). This means that this is a good place to solo or fight with a small group in safety.

Hunting the recuso in this zone will raise your faction with Sanctus Seru, which may be required before being able to do some of the quests or train in that city.

Travelling To and From Marus Seru

The entrance to Mons Letalis is located at 2100, -1200.

The entrance to Sanctus Seru is located at -1800, -1000.

The entrance to Netherbian Lair is located at 500, -1800.

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