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Location Key
1 Orc Camp
2 Goblin Camp
3 Haunted Obelisk
4 Gate through the wall
5 Shadowed Assassin Camp
6 Empty Huts
7 Haunted Ruins with Old Gourdhead
8 Merchant with Small Leather Armor and Patterns
9 Merchant with Sewing Supplies, including How To's, Large Kit, and Needle and Thimble Molds
10 Merchant with Pottery Supplies
11 Abandoned Tower

12 Merchant with Small Armor Molds

13 Empty Hut
14 Haunted Ruins
15 Druid Stone Ring
16 Lil Honeybugger's Hut
17 Rusbek's Hut
Note that the Bixie Queen spawns in the second tower north of #4 in the Wall.

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