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Location Key
1 Entry Room with Tentacle Terrors
2 Najena's Room with Najena who drops Flowing Black Robe (Common), Clawed Knuckle Ring (Rare), and Black Tome with Silver Runes (Rare)
3 Torture Rooms

4 Crystal Room

5 Drelzna's Room with Drelzna who drops Earring of Disease Reflection (Common) and Ashenwood Short Spear (Rare) and Golden Crescent Key to #2
6 Pit Traps (marked with *) to room 10 below
7 Magician's Lair, Trazdon's Room with Trazdon who drops Dark Circlet
8 Bonecracker's Room with Bonecracker who drops Band of Flesh (Common), Barbed Leather Whip (Rare) and Leering Mask (Rare) and Dull Bone Key to #11
9 Ogre Captain's Room with Ogre Captain who drops Ogre War Maul and Shiny Metal Key to cell outside of #11 and nearby Officer Grush who drops Dull Wooden Spear, and Visiting Priestess
10 Prison with Linara Parlone and injured Halfling in cell, Moosh wanders here
11 Rathyl's Room with Rathyl who drops Traveller's Pouch (Common), Traveller's Pack (Rare) and Bloodstained Key to #5 and Rathyl reincarnate who drops Hollowed Bone Bracers, outside appears Ekeros who drops Blackened Sapphire
Note that the Widowmistress spawns in the donut-shaped room just north of Area 2 on the map above, she drops Stiletto of the Bloodclaw (Common).

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