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Location Key
1 Guard Hall
2 The Smugglers Inn - Merchants selling Alcohol, Brewing Supplies, Food Items and other goods
3 Silk Underground - Merchants Small and Large Cloth Armor and Sewing Kits
4 Dranas Bread and Butcher - Merchants selling Food Items and Baking Supplies, Oven outside
5 Slugs Tavern - Merchants selling Alcohol, Food and Other Goods, Brew Barrel outside
6 Market View with Gambel's Greens with Merchant selling Potions and Crystals, also Merchant selling High Quality Ore, Small and Large Bricks
7 Merchants who sell Shoes and Bags, as well as Kiln and Pottery Wheel, Soulbinder
8 Merchant outside who sells Various Weapons
9 Two Ogres who sell all Blacksmithing books, Large Chainmail Patterns, Weapon Part Molds, File Molds and other Molds
10 Bank, Armor Shop selling Large Chainmail Armor, Forge outside
11 Pig Stickers - Merchants selling Various Weapons, Forge outside
12 Building with secret entrance to Underground and Troll NPC
13 Merchant selling Food and Alcohol
14 Merchants selling Weapons, Shaman Spells, Shadowknight Spells, Beastlord Spells, Beastlord and Shaman Trainers
15 PvP Area, Merchants who sell Food and other Goods, Various Weapons, and Alcohol
16 Bites n Pieces - Merchants selling Food Items and other Goods, Oven outside
17 Shinie Tings - Merchant selling Jewelry Metals and Rare Gems

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