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Location Key
1 Temple of Innoruuk - Cleric Guild Hall, Merchants selling Blunt Weapons, Fulligrans Soulstone
2 Necromancer and ShadowKnight Guild Hall - Merchants selling appropriate equipment for these classes
3 Library - Merchants selling Various Spells, including Wizard Portal spells, Enchanter Vision and Enchant metal spells, and Magician Summon spells
4 Furrier Royale - Merchant selling Small Leather Armor, Patterns and Kit
5 Rogue Guild Hall with Merchants selling Rogue Weapons
6 The Maidens Fancy - Merchants selling Alcohol, Brew Barrel inside, also has Dark Elf Ambassador and Ironforge Prisoner
7 The Bauble - Merchant selling Gems for Jewelcraft
8 Cuisine Excelsior - Merchants selling Alcohol, Oven outside
9 The Rack - Merchant selling Wine
10 Tier'Dal Forge inside Building with Merchant outside selling Small Plate and Shield Molds
11 X'Lottl Private Mansion
12 J'Narus Private Mansion with Merchant selling Adamantite and Chain Patterns

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