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Location: In the caves below the surface of Luclin

The Nexus

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Adjacent Zones: The Bazaar, Netherbian Lair, Shadow Haven

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Text last updated: 12/03/01
Map last updated: 02/03/02


The Nexus is the hub of all traffic coming to and leaving Luclin. Built ages ago by the Combine empire, it enabled them to travel to Luclin to escape their internal enemies. As Luclin moved further away from Norrath, however, the Nexus was unable to power transport back and forth between the two, and so became mostly unused except as a boring guard post. Now that Luclin has moved within range of Norrath again, the Nexus has come alive.

Surrounding Areas

The Nexus is connected to the Bazaar and Netherbian Lair directly through tunnels. The Combine also built a direct portal from here to areas that they frequented in times past on Norrath and also to Shadow Haven. It is through these that travellers move around Luclin and to and from Norrath now. All travellers arrive at the central platform.

Travelling To and From The Nexus

The Nexus has many exits and entrances, all shown on the map.

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