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Location Key
1 Merchant selling Gems
2 Merchant selling Brellium, Ore, Smithy Hammers, Sharpening Stones
3 Cleric Guild - Merchants selling Blunt Weapons, Food and Goods Merchant outside
4 Watsbone Treasure and Assay Office - Bank, Merchants who sell Throwing Weapons, Mining Supplies, Rogue Guild Members outside
5 Pottery Wheel and Kiln
6 Empty Hut
7 Empty Hut
8 Everhot Forge - Merchants selling Blunt and Sharp Weapons, Small Chain and Plate Armor, Small Plate and Shield Molds, Weapon Molds, Jewelry Metal and Rare Gems, Forge Outside
9 Greybloom Farms - Merchants selling Grapes, Brew Barrel inside, Oven outside
10 Paladin Guild
Note that there is a Merchant who sells Ore located at approximately 750, 200 on the above map.

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