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Location Key
1 Hut with Alcohol
2 Area Patrolled by the Fangbreakers
3 Obelisk with named Treant nearby
4 Hut with Innkeepers selling Food and Goods
5 Empty farm
6 Gypsy Camp selling Combine Weapons, Alcohol, Food and Goods, Dreadlands Gate Spell, Bind Spot
7 Guard Tower
8 Farm with farmers
9 Farm with farmers
10 Druid Ring with Treants, Druid Trainer and merchant selling Druid Spells
11 Teleportation Ring
12 Farm with farmers
13 Obelisk with Ghouls
14 Raider Camp
Note that there is a merchant located in the tower at the bridge to Southern Plains of Karana who sells Food and Other Goods.

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