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Location Key
1 Order of the Silent Fist - Monk Guild, Merchant who sells Monk Weapons, Bags, and Bandages
2 Kliknik Tunnel - leads to Qeynos Underground
3 Reflecting Pond - tunnel leads to Qeynos Underground
4 Crow's Pub & Casino - Merchant selling Alcohol, Brew Barrel, secret tunnel to Rogues' Guild
5 Galliway's Trading Post - Merchants selling Food and other Goods, Priest of Discord outside
6 Ironforge's - Merchants selling Sharp Weapons, Medicine Bags, and Weapon Molds, Forge out back
7 Jewelbox - Merchants selling Jewelry supplies (Metals and Gems)
8 Ironforges' Estate
9 Merchants selling Medium Cloth Armor and Medium Chainmail Molds
10 The Cobbler - Merchant selling Boots of all types
11 Merchants selling Blunt Weapons and Cleric/Paladin spells
12 Teleport leading to Temple of Life, Cleric and Paladin Trainers throughout area

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