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Location: In a cove off of the Feerrott, in the steamy southern edge of Antonica

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Races: Ogre
Guilds: Beastlord, Shadow Knight, Shaman, Warrior
Religious Facilities: none
Artisan Facilities: Brewery, Forge, Kiln, Oven, Pottery Wheel

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Text last updated: 12/23/01
Map last updated: 04/24/02

The following description was also gathered from my "friend" Jubjub the Shadow Knight. He had some unkind things to say about his neighbors, the ogres, stating that he had some friends amongst them and had trained with their master on occasion, but did not hold them dear to his heart by any means. I believe that the ogre and troll alliance is something in the fashion of "the enemy of my enemy..."



Oggok is simple from the outside, and if you were to fly over the cove you would only see a few small huts and one large building jutting from the face of the side of it. However, most of the city lies underground, as the ogres have carved out a place to live despite their limited space. Most of the area is very confusing to individuals who have never been there before, which I would think had been intended if it were not for the general stupidity of ogres. Jubjub might say that a troll had designed the place...

Surrounding Areas

The Feerrott is a land that the ogres call home. Many of them live within a short distance from their town, and live in relative safety through their strength. Also, the creatures that inhabit the Feerrott are generally weaker than in the neighboring Innothule Swamp, or at least are organized enough to keep to themselves. Unlike the frogloks, the lizard men of the Feerrott exist only in small camps, and could easily be decimated by an organized group of ogres if they made too much of a nuisance of themselves.

The nearby Rathe Mountains are a dangerous place, inhabited by the ghosts of ancient towns that lay destroyed throughout it. Hill giants make their homes in its peaks near Lake Rathe, and lizard men have also ventured into them, as well as other, stranger creatures which I saw at a distance but choose not to comment on in case I am incorrect. The Innothule Swamp is also nearby and is the home of the trolls. Many ogres travel there to smash frogloks to obtain their cloth-like skins for armor, since there are not any bears nearby for tailors to practice their trade.

Travelling To and From Oggok

Oggok opens into the Feerrott in an area that looks like a small ogre town, with several small clusters of huts and shops. Many of the towns artisans live outside of its walls within range of the guards for the town, although they rarely need to call on them for aid. Travelling to the northwest through the Rathe Mountains eventually leads to the Plains of Karana and lands beyond. Travelling east through Innothule Swamp eventually leads to the Desert of Ro and Freeport and the lands to the east.

Local Color


The town is very complex, with a simple above-ground part and the more complex, twisted underground component. The main warrior guild is not a place to hang out if you're not an ogre, though, because they tend to hate anyone but themselves. Unlike Grobb, which has no place to perform any skills, Oggok has all the tools one might need for performing trade skills.


The ogres of Oggok are the brute force of the forces of evil. They are not mentally complex enough to plan or coordinate much of what goes on like the dark elves, and don't have the sinister appeal that trolls do, but they are very effective at what they like to do best...smash.

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