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Location Key
**Note** The above maps have areas that have been compressed in the east-west direction. Coordinates 5,000 to 7,000 and -2,000 to -4,000 have been compressed.
1 Several dozen small rocky outcroppings inhabited by Aqua Goblins, Alluring Sirens, and Nerbilik. Brawn also spawns here. There is no boat on these islands.
2 Docking point for boats coming from Faydwer. Inn sells food and other goods. Stone in southwestern corner of island. Two boats.
3 Aviak Island. Three aviak towers and many roaming aviaks, as well as Gull Skytalon who drops Icon of the Fervent and Soaring Brightfeather who drops Ebon War Spear.
4 Two rocky spires inhabited by Aqua Goblins and Alluring Sirens. There is no boat here.

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