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Location Key
1 Dock with boat to Timorous Deep and Oasis of Marr connection, Soulbinder
2 Merchants selling Arrow Fletching Supplies, Food and other Goods, Bags and Boxes, Jewelry Supplies (all), Cooking Supplies (all), Tinkering Supplies (all), Pottery Supplies, Weapons, Tailoring Supplies (all), Beastlord Trainer in building southwest of this one
3 Merchants selling Cleric, Enchanter, Magician, Necromancer, Shadow Knight, Shaman, and Wizard Spells, Pottery Wheel, Kiln, Oven, Brew Barrel inside, Building to Northeast has Dark Elf Wizard Trainer
4 The Bank
5 Sarnak-infested Ruins
6 Chasm filled with Scorpiki
7 Entrance to Skyfire Mountains
8 Sarnak-infested Ruins
9 Statue
10 Sarnak-infested Ruins
A Entrance to Temple with Sphere, Entrance to Howling Stones
B Entrance to Temple
C Entrance to Temple

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