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Location Key
1 Darkglow Palace
2 Athenaeum Necromantia - Library
3 Fortunes' Fancy - Merchant selling Jewelry Metals and Rare Gems
4 Tabernacle of Terror - Cleric Guild
5 Merchants selling Chain Mail Armor and Blunt Weapons
6 Merchants selling Shields and Blunt Weapons
7 False Idols - Merchant with Pottery Supplies, Clay, and Ore, Kiln inside
8 The Final Reckoning - Bank
9 Shackled Spirits - Dancing Skeletons, Merchant selling Alcohol, Brew Barrel inside, Inn upstairs
10 Superior Supplies (Poison Petal on top floor) - Merchants selling Food and other Goods and Alchemy Supplies, Key to the Hole
11 Sinfully Handsome - Merchants selling Cloth and Leather Armor, Loom
12 Good Iva's Tasty Treats - Merchants selling Food and Cooking Supplies, Oven inside
13 The Abbatoir - Necromancer Guild
14 The Fell Blade - Shadow Knight Guild, Merchants selling Leather Armor and Two-Handed Slashing Weapons
15 Merchant selling Plate Armor, Forge and Erud Forge inside
16 PvP area
17 Observatory
Teleporters are located at A, B, and C and teleport to the spot with the matching letter.
Soulbinder is located in entrance hallway with multiple stairs just inside locked elevator.

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