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Portals (Labelled in Red)
1 Rivervale 11 Plane of Tranquility
2 Kelethin 12 Firiona Vie
3 Kaladim 13 Freeport
4 Halas 14 Ak'Anon
5 Greater Faydark 15 Cabilis
6 Erudin 16 Grobb
7 Nexus 17 Neriak
8 Great Divide 18 Oggok
9 Shar Vahl 19 Overthere
10 Qeynos 20 Paineel
Location Key
1 Enchanter, Wizard, and Magician Trainers
2 Warrior and Monk Trainers
3 Bard and Rogue Trainers
4 Quest NPC's
5 Shaman, Cleric, Druid, and Beastlord Trainers
6 Merchants selling Plate Armor Molds, Small Chain Molds, Ore, and Hammers
7 Pottery Wheel and Kiln outside, Merchants selling Pottery Supplies and Pottery Sketches
8 Merchants selling Metal, all Gems, Jewelry Kit
9 Bank
10 Merchants selling Gems, Coffins, Spell Components, Food and other Goods, Fishing Supplies
11 Merchants selling Dyeing Supplies, Chainmail Patterns, Ore, Clay, Hammers, Small and Large Chainmail Patterns, Basic Blacksmithing Molds, Tailoring Supplies and Patterns, Forge and Sewing Kit inside
12 Merchants selling Poison Supplies and Alchemy Supplies, Fletching and Bowmaking Supplies
13 Merchants selling Mixing Bowl, Vegetables, Brewing Supplies, Brew Barrel inside; Outside Merchants selling Brewing Supplies, Plate Armor, Large Plate Armor and Weapon Molds
14 Merchants selling Baking Supplies, Oven inside; Outside Merchants selling Food and other Goods, Large Chain Molds, Pottery Sketches, Cookie Molds, Metals, Rare Gems and Jewelry Supplies, Cooking Supplies and Cooking Books, Brew Barrel
15 Bank
16 empty
17 Merchant selling Food and Other Goods, Brewing Books, Brewing Supplies,
18 Merchants selling Tinkering Supplies, Full Plate Molds, Small Plate Molds, Large Chain Molds, Chain Molds, Forges inside
19 Wizard, Magician, and Enchanter Trainers
20 Monk, Warrior, Paladin, Rogue, Bard and Ranger Trainers
21 Quest NPC's
22 Merchants selling Food and Goods, Lightstones, and Potions
23 Shaman and Beastlord Trainers, Soulbinder outside
24 Cleric Trainer, Bookseller - Meldrath books
25 Quest NPC's
26 Shaman, Cleric, and Bard Trainers, Bookseller
27 Monk, Rogue, Shadow Knight, Warrior and Beastlord Trainers
28 Enchanter, Necromancer, Wizard, and Magician Trainers, Merchant, Bookseller - Necropolis and Deadtimes books
The Great Library (entry on 2nd level)
Bottom Level: Necromancer Spells, Shadowknight Spells
First Level:
First Level (Balcony):
Second Level: Wizard Spells, Enchanter Spells, Bard Spells, Bookseller - Great Wall of Ceteit books, Bookseller - The Journal of Erud, Mujaki's Challenge, and The Hole Uncovered ooks
Second Level (Balcony): Cleric Spells,
Third Level: Shaman Spells, Druid Spells, Bookseller - Unkempt Warders and Unkempt Druids books
Third Level (Balcony): Magician Spells
Fourth Level: Ranger Spells, Paladin Spells, Bookseller - From Pond to Paladin books, Bookseller - Ardathium books
Fourth Level (Balcony): Beastlord Spells, Bookseller - Prophecy of Vah: A History of Vah Shir books, Bookseller - Chronicle of Gromok books
Top Floor (up the elevator): Grand Librarian and Council

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