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Location Key
1 Teleporters to Observation Decks
2 Alcohol, Brew Barrel
3 Alcohol, Brew Barrel
4 Small Chain Patterns, Weapons Molds, Goods, Cooking Books, Oven
5 Weapon Molds, Spell Components, Coffins, Cooking Supplies
6 Bank, Spell Components, Coffins, Basic Dyeing Supplies
7 Fletching Supplies
8 Alcohol, Brewing Supplies and Books, Brew Barrel
9 Small Plate Molds, Basic Blacksmithing and Dyeing Supplies, Forge, Potions, Crystals, Goods
10 Sewing Patterns, Sewing Kit, Food and Goods, Chainmail Patterns
11 Bank, Potions, Crystals, Food and Drink
12 Jewelry Gems and Metal, Potions, Crystals, Pottery Supplies and Sketches, Pottery Wheel, Kiln
13 Alcohol, Brew Barrel
14 Rogue Trainer, Warrior Trainer; Cleric, Enchanter, Magician, Paladin and Wizard Spells
15 Cleric Trainer, Enchanter Trainer, Monk Trainer, Warrior Trainer, Wizard Trainer; Cleric, Enchanter, Ranger, and Wizard Spells
16 Cleric Trainer, Rogue Trainer, Monk Trainer, Paladin Trainer, Warrior Trainer, Wizard Trainer; Cleric, Paladin, Ranger, and Wizard Spells
17 Rogue Trainer, Paladin Trainer, Warrior Trainer, Wizard Trainer; Cleric and Ranger Spells
18 Locked Stronghold of Seru
19 Arena Master on lower level, Arena on lower level, Observation stands on upper level

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