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Location: A desert valley far on the light side of Luclin

Scarlet Desert

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Adjacent Zones: The Grey, Grieg's End, Twilight Sea
Level of Monsters: 30-45
Types of Monsters: Bloodtribe Martialist, Bloodtribe Prophet, Bloodtribe Runekeeper, Bloodtribe Shaman, Bloodtribe Sunworshipper, Bloodtribe Warrior, Bloodtribe Wiseman, Five Toed Tro Jeg Bane, Grol Baku Benefactor, Grol Baku Sentinel, Grol Baku Sentry, Grol Baku Shaman, Grol Baku Warder, Lightcrawler, Mighty Bloodtribe Hunter, Poisonous Sunflower, Prismatic Lightcrawler, Repulsive Lightcrawler, Rough Cheetah, Scarlet Cheetah, Scarlet Cheetah Matriarch, Scarlet Rockhopper, Sun Revenant, Sunflower, Tenacious Lightcrawler, Tro Jeg Augur, Tro Jeg Engraver, Tro Jeg Firekeeper, Tro Jeg Fire Servant, Tro Jeg Fire Servant, Tro Jeg Fire Worshipper, Tro Jeg Hooligan, Tro Jeg Invader, Tro Jeg Sentinel, Tro Jeg Shaman, Tro Jeg Soldier, Tro Jeg Spiritward, Tro Jeg Warrior, Vas Ren Guard, Vas Ren Nomad, Vas Ren Shaman, Vas Ren Trooper
Notable NPC's: Ancient Sun Revenant, Bloodtribe Agitator, Bloodtribe Hopeful, Dark Hued Sunflower, Darkened Sunflower, Flowery Cheetah, Gigantic Sunflower, Powerful Rockhopper, Scarlet Cheetah Gatherer, Scarlet Cheetah Hunter, Sunlord Wadazi, Sun Reaver, Sun Revenant Chancellor
Unique Items: Agitator Bracer, Brass Linked Chain, Cheetah Paw Fetish, Dark Hued Wood, Edifier's Leggings, Hope Onyx, Smiters Girdle, Sparkling Scale Bracer
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Text last updated: 12/22/02
Map last updated: 04/26/02


The Scarlet Desert is a large desert valley, which was carved out long ago by the river Ripflow, now long dried up. The river used to flow from the Tenebrous Mountains all the way to the Twilight Sea. Now all that's left is a large plateau and a small oasis area, which now provides the only water in the region.


The sun revenants here can see through invisibility most of the time.



Travelling To and From Scarlet Desert

The entrance to Twilight Sea is located at -1070, -1650.

The entrance to Grieg's End is located at 2300, -500.

The temple entrance to the Grey is located at 740, 1710.

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