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Location: Forest on the dark side of Luclin

Shadeweaver's Thicket

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Adjacent Zones: Paludal Caverns, Shar Vahl
Level of Monsters: 1-30
Types of Monsters: Charred Corpse, Chitterling, Cht'Thk Ash Beetle, Cht'Thk Bloodling, Cht'Thk Swarmer, Corpse, Firefall Guardian, Firefall Saurek, Firefall Sentry, Gor Taku Bruiser, Gor Taku Builder, Gor Taku Hunter, Gor Taku Sentry, Gor Taku Scout, Lesser Shade, Loda Kai Brigand, Loda Kai Poacher, Loda Kai Thug, Loda Kai Trader, Needle Clawed Hopper, Nuisance, Saurek Darkclaw, Saurek Deathmaw, Saurek Hopper, Saurek Shredder, Skeletal Brigand, Skeletal Hunter, Smelly Corpse, Stoneclaw Burrower, Stoneclaw Digger
Notable NPC's: Blood Drenched Hopper, Jynhadar, Warlord Gok Thok
Unique Items: Horns of the Spirits, Serrated Hopper Claw
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Text last updated: 04/26/02
Map last updated: 12/22/02


Shadeweaver's Thicket is the training area for the Vah Shir's young. It is also the beginning of the major trade route from Shar Vahl to Shadow Haven, and leads up into the caves inhabited by the original inhabitants of Luclin and through to Paludal Caverns.


The western half of the thicket is much more dangerous, and is the area that gives the thicket its name. The shades of fallen Vah Shir soldiers travel this area, tormented by the evil spirits that seem to be becoming more aggressive lately. The ground is also rougher and life has to struggle to grow in this area. These living dead have started to move into the safer regions east of the mountains, sometimes accompanied by the Loda Kai.

There is a tunnel leading to an area with lava in it in the western half of the zone. This area is guarded by much higher level creatures (around level 50) who are KOS as well. They are guarding what appears to be a zone entrance that is not currently active.


This area has a broad range of creatures to hunt, as well as many quests for starting Vah Shir to do.

Several of the camps in this area have multiple different creatures that can appear there, depending on time of day or whether or not you have killed all the previous occupants in the camp.

There are some interesting dynamics here with the various alien races. It appears that the Shak Dratha are slowly replacing the Gor Taku, and if the Gor Taku are wiped out in several areas, they will be replaced by Shak Dratha. The Gor Taku and Shak Dratha are enemies, and you can play with your faction to make one of them your friend. The Loda Kai, however, are only enemies of Shar Vahl, and are good for gaining faction for that city.

Travelling To and From Shadeweaver's Thicket

The entrance to Shar Vahl is located at -2000, -3500.

The entrance to Paludal Caverns is located at 2500, -500 in the caves beneath the mountains.

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