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Location: In caverns dug throughout the moon of Luclin

Shadow Haven

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Adjacent Zones: The Bazaar, Echo Caverns, Nexus, Paludal Caverns
Guilds: Bard, Beastlord, Cleric, Druid, Enchanter, Magician, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Shaman, Warrior
Artisan Facilities: Pottery Wheel, Kiln, Forge, Brew Barrel, Oven, Sewing Kit
Unique Items: unknown

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Text last updated: 12/22/02
Map last updated: 12/22/02


Shadow Haven is a network of caverns that wind their way through Luclin, and have been filled with the domain of several trade families, who make Shadow Haven their home. The city also lays claim over the Bazaar and the Nexus, and controls and provides security for those areas as well.

Surrounding Areas

Shadow Haven is adjacent to two of the areas that it controls, the Bazaar and the Nexus. The Bazaar is where Shadow Haven makes most of its revenue, with the heavy amount of trade that occurs there. The Nexus is more important to their business, however, since many people coming to or leaving from Luclin need to pass through there. They are also connected to Paludal Caverns, through which they send caravans to the Vah Shir city of Shar Vahl.

Travelling To and From Shadow Haven

The Nexus has a portal that takes you to and from Shadow Haven. One of the two exits of the Bazaar is into Shadow Haven (the other into Nexus). There is an obvious one way exit from Shadow Haven to the Echo Caverns from one section of town, and a well-hidden two way entrance near the Nexus teleporter here. Also, the tunnels to Paludal Caverns can be found here, used for transporting goods to Shar Vahl.

Local Color


Shadow Haven was very obviously built from a mixture of people and caverns. The caverns were changed to accomodate those who wished to live there, and bear striking resemblances to their homes on Norrath.


The residents of Shadow Haven are generally suspicious and careful around outsiders, although their living comes from making money off of outsiders and they know it. They generally are willing to trade, and often have others do small tasks for them in order to gain trust. They generally consider themselves above the fighting and troubles of the rest of the world, and even if they don't like you, they'll generally leave you alone.

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