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Location Key  
1 Merchants selling Ore/Stone/Smithing Hammers, forges  
2 Food and other goods, Baking supplies, shoes, food and other goods, cooking books, shield/parrying dagger  
3 Alcohol  
4 Castle, Bard Trainer and Bard spells on roof  
5 Library  
6 Library  
7 Blacksmithing molds  
8 Brewing supplies, metals/gems, 2nd floor: sewing supplies, sewing kit  
9 Pottery supplies, instruments, pottery sketches, clay/ore/smithing hammer, Kilns, pottery wheels  
10 Arena  
11 Royal Stand  
12 Alcohol and food, brewing supplies, brew barrel, oven  
13 Alchemy supplies, potions/magic stones, Shaman Spells  
14 Tax Collector, Bank  
15 Merchants selling alcohol, fletching and bowmaking supplies, poison supplies  
16 Merchants selling food, bags, wooden practice weapons, alcohol, ovens, Registrar, chainmail patterns  
17 Merchants selling alcohol, pottery supplies, pottery wheel, fishing supplies  


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