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Location: An underwater cave located in the Cobalt Scar

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Siren's Grotto

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Adjacent Zones: Cobalt Scar, Western Wastes
Level of Monsters: 50-60+
Types of Monsters: Bulthar, Sirens, Ulthork, Seahorses, Fish, Drakes, Wyverns,
Notable NPC's: Mistress Latazura, Priestess Sercema
Unique Items: Cloak of the Seacaller, Neriad Shawl, Seahorse Scale Cloak
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor

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Text last updated: 10/17/01
Map last updated: 01/01/03


An underwater cavern, full of aquatic life.


Many of the creatures here are very high level, and see invisible.

The other problem here is that much of the zone is underwater. This can make getting around problematic if you don't have a way to breathe underwater.


Siren's Grotto has recently been changed so that single groups can get good experience here; a lot of the unneccesary dangers have been reduced, and the magic and other resistances of the creatures have been lowered.

Travelling To and From Siren's Grotto

The entrance to Siren's Grotto from the Cobalt Scar is underwater.

There are 2 ways to get through Siren's Grotto. One is to get a 57+ wizard or druid to succor you through the zone, and the other is to make a run for it. You will have to pass by aggro mobs that see through invis and hit for 150+ damage. On the plus side, they're seahorses and cannot follow you out of the water, so with a bit of luck and practice, most players can make it through safely.

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