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Location: A large tower located in the Wakening Lands


Main Lower

Main Upper

Maze (Upper)

Maze (Lower)

Tower (First Level)

Tower (Second Level)

Tower (Third Level)

Yelinak's Lair


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Adjacent Zones: Cobalt Scar, Wakening Land
Level of Monsters: 35-60
Types of Monsters: Wurms, Ice Golems, Gargoyles, Phoboplasm Cubes, Wyverns, Drakes
Notable NPC's: Ziglak Whisperwind, Lord Yelinak
Unique Items: Bloodscribed Staff, Bracer of Hammerfall, Brightwood Spear, Delgin's Sceptre, Despair Needle, Focused Ethereal Weapons, Griffins Sword, Guardian Armor, Guardian Robe, Guardian Sword, Ring of the Chameleon, Saldaren Spear, Seer Lore Book, Sentry Armor, Sentry Maul, Sentry Robe, Titan's Fist, Tome of Elemental Cognizance, Tome of Elemental Contemplation, Twisted Oaken Staff, Velium Etched Circlet, White Lotus Wrist Wraps, Wurm Bone Ring, Wurm Lord Shawl, Wurm Scale Cape, Wyvern Hide Tunic
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Text last updated: 09/01/01 by Danalog
Map last updated: 01/01/03


Skyshrine is the home of Lord Yelinak, the Dragon who controls the zone, keeping the Giants from getting to the Western Wastes.


It is possible that some monsters in this zone can see invis. You are unable to Summon Corpses from anywhere but right near the entrance. A large section of the zone is a maze where you must proceed carefully because there are many spinning traps as well as teleports that will keep you trapped for quite some time unless you learn your way around it.


There are many quests that can be done in this dungeon if your faction with the inhabitants is high enough. Also, there are many spells that drop or can be found in this zone. Melees can be bound in this zone in certain areas, notably the courtyard leading to Cobalt Scar.

Travelling To and From Skyshrine

Skyshrine is located at 1450, 4500 in the Wakening Land.

Cobalt Scar can be reached from here by clicking on a statue. You require the Shrine Key that can be obtained either through a quest from Ziglak Whisperwind or simply by killing him, depending on your Dragon faction.

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