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Location Key
1 Room with Fire Goblin Captain who drops Charred Boots (Common) and Charred Gloves (Rare)
2 Room with Kindle who drops Obsidian Ring (Common) and Impskin Gloves (Rare)
3 Efreeti Pits with Blazing Elementals and Reckless Efreeti who drops Platinum Armbands (Common) and Obsidian Flamberge (Rare)
4 Lava Elemental Room with Lava Elemental who drops Lava Potion (Common) and Runed Lava Pendant (Rare)
5 Doorway to upper level of Solusek Mining Company (not shown) with Captain Bipnupple who drops Brick of Blue Ore (Common) and Gnomish Environmental Suit (Rare)
6 Room with Singe who drops Obsidian Bead Hoops (Common) and Drakescale Belt (Rare)
7 Gnome Merchant named Marfen who sells Tinkerer's Pack
8 "Gabbie's Room" with Gabbie Mardoddle who drops Mithril Quill (Common) and Molten Cloak (Rare) and CWG Model CX that drops Clockwork Oil Stout
9 Courtyard where spawns the wandering CWG Model EXG who drops Charred Guardian Shield (Common) and Charred Guardian Breastplate (Rare)
10 Hallway with Kobold Predator who drops Kobold Hide Boots (Common) and Obsidian Shard (Rare)
11 "Foreman's Room" with Goblin Foreman who drops Foreman's Tunic (Common) and Obsidian Scimitar (Rare)
12 "Window Room"
13 "The Pit"
14 Room with Goblin Merchant
15 "Bar" with Fire Goblin Bartender who drops Drake Hide Leggings (Common) and Drake Hide Sleeves (Rare)
16 "Drunkard Room" with Fire Goblin Drunkard who drops Frothy Goblin Tonic (Common) and Fire Crystal Staff (Rare)
17 Room behind Throne Room with Fire Goblin King who drops Ring of the Goblin Lords (Common) and Sceptre of Flame (Rare)
18 Hallway leading to Jail, end of hall has Inferno Goblin Torturer who drops Turquoise Eyepatch (Common) and Momento Box (Rare)
19 "High Shaman Room" with Fire Goblin High Shaman who drops Glowing Stone Band (Common) and Platinum Dragon Totem (Rare)
20 Room with Lynada the Exiled who drops Sparkle Purse
Note: the lettered areas above are zone points to the corresponding lettered areas in Nagafen's Lair (Sol B)

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