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Location: A temple found in the middle of the Grey
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Level Three

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Ssraeshza Temple

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Adjacent Zones: The Deep, The Grey
Level of Monsters: 50-60
Types of Monsters: Shissar
Notable NPC's: Arch Lich Rhag'Zadune, High Priest of Ssraeshza, Vyzh'Dra the Exiled, Xerkizh the Creator
Unique Items: Unknown
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor

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Text last updated: 02/22/02
Map last updated: 01/01/03


Ssraeshza Temple is the last remnant of the once massive Shissar Empire of Kunark, the enslavers of the iksar race. Following the Greenmist that drove them out of Kunark, they were thought extinct, when in actuality they used their magics to move themselves to Luclin. In their desperation to avoid the Greenmist a second time, they created a dome over the Grey, sealing it off from the outside and creating a vacuum inside. Within the Grey, they built their last, massive temple.




This is a high level dungeon built to accomodate both raiding parties and single group parties. The temple is in at least 5 levels, the lower of which are designed for single groups. As you move higher up, you may require more support, and there are many unique areas and creatures to fight along the way.

To reach the "boss" of the zone, you will require a key made of a container and three parts. This key drops off of randomly placed unique monsters on levels 1-4, a different component on each floor. Each person wishing to move to the highest level will need a key to do so.

Travelling To and From Ssraeshza Temple

The temple can be found in the middle of the Grey.

There is a passage that leads from the Deep to the Temple, but is blocked on this side by a one-way door. People can enter from the Deep, but after passing through the one-way door, can not go back out that way.

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