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Location Key
1 Kobold Camp
2 The Observers
3 Haunted Ruins of Giant Clockwork Machine
4 The Windmills of Steamfont, several Observers as well as Merchants who sell Ore, Medium-Quality Ore, Dye Materials, Sharpening Stones, Clay, and Tinkering Equipment
5 Kobold Camp
6 Druid Stone Ring with Druid selling Spells
7 Merchant selling Sewing Supplies, including Large Sewing Kit, How To's, and Needle and Thimble Molds
8 Merchant selling Small Armor Molds
9 Merchant selling Cookie Molds
10 Merchant selling Food and other goods
11 Merchants selling Cooking Supplies and Gems for Jewelry
12 Dragon Bones with Skeletons
Note that there is a poison merchant located on the above map at roughly +1380, -840.

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