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Location: In vast ancient mountain range on the southern coast of Odus

Stonebrunt Mountains

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Adjacent Zones: The Warrens, Gulf of Gunthak
Level of Monsters: 16-46
Types of Monsters: Rabbit, Young Panda, Panda Cub, Mature Panda, Kobold Wanderer, Scouting Kobold, Hunting Kobold, Burly Kobold, Ferocious Kobold, Savage Kobold, Lesser Kobold Shaman, Greater Kobold Shaman, Raging Kobold Savage, Highland Kobold, Raging Highland Kobold, Highland Kobold Shaman, Emerald Adder, Kejeken Fisherman, Kejekan Lookout, Kejekan Archer, Kejekan Awrat, Kejekan Mamluk, Kejekan Miner, Kejekan Ispusar, Kejekan Ghulam, Kejekan Mujahed, Kejekan Pasdar, Kejek Leopard, Kejek Leopardess, Kejek Tiger, Kejek Tigeress, Highland Tiger, Valley Spiritling, Jungle Spiritling, Mountain Spiritling, Highland Graniteback, Elder Graniteback
Notable NPC's: Arglar the Tormentor, Ghost of Riddosan, Giang Yin, Heretic Invader, Hurglak the Destroyer, Mirabai, Miranda, Khonza Ayssla, Mrowro Wirewhisker, Old Ghostback, Prowling Leopard, Rognarog the Infuriated, Saemey Wirewhisker, Slyder the Ancient, Snowbeast
Unique Items: Ball of Burlap Yarn, Blood Crusted Kobold Mace, Blood Crusted Whip, Blue Bamboo Armor, Etched Iron Armor, Footpads of the Tiger, Forlorn Totem of Rolfron Zek, Gargantuan Panda Belt, Giang Yin's Claws, Gloves of the Rock Climber, Kobold Shaman Pouch, Panda Claws, Prowling Leopard Leggings, Reinforced Bamboo Weapons, Robe of the Great Panda, Titan Blessed Tachi
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Text last updated: 11/16/01
Map last updated: 08/31/01


The Stonebrunt Mountains is a very spiritual place, home of the kejekan people, who rule over the land atop Mount Klaw in their small fortress of Kejek. Recently Heretics from Paineel and Kobolds from the Warrens have found out how to get into the area and have started causing trouble here for the kejekans.


This is a vast zone, with many mountains and ravines, and it is very easy to stumble across an aggressive creature while travelling across it or hunting within it. It is important to keep a lookout for what's around you at all times.

Any illusion will make you KOS in the town of Kejek. This applies to wolf form illusions of rangers and druids as well as any illusions that enchanters use. The cats are otherwise not aggressive towards outsiders, unless they are evil, specifically necromancers. Agnostics of evil races are often not considered enemies, although merchants won't deal with them.

Many of the giant forms of creatures known as the Ancients are very powerful, and are immune to things like root and snare. They also move extremely quickly, and so are difficult to hunt in this area without getting many additional monsters to fight along the way.


Stonebrunt Mountains is a vast zone, larger than almost all the other zones in the game. This makes it a good place to hunt without overcrowding or fighting for monsters. There are many camps (mostly of kobolds) and also several open areas where you can hunt freely. The only downside is that there are also vast areas of nothing, where you could stand for a day and see maybe one monster walk by.

The zone also has a town within it. Here you can find some tradeskill equipment as well as merchants and a place to rest. Unfortunately, melees can't bind here, and wandering monsters that roam through here will attack you and the kejekans will not assist you.

Travelling To and From Stonebrunt Mountains

The only way to get to Stonebrunt Mountains is by travelling through Paineel and through the kobold-filled Warrens to the area where they've broken through into the mountain range. There is a dock on the shore, which leads you to a boat which will take you to the Gulf of Gunthak.

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