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Location: Desert in a vacuum in light side

The Grey

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Adjacent Zones: Mons Letalis, Scarlet Desert, Ssraeshza Temple
Level of Monsters: 40-60
Types of Monsters: Boulder Fiend, Boulderling, Eternal Golem, Forgotten Slave, Forlorn Slave, Iksar Slave, Shissar Revenant, Shissar Stalker, Stone Beast, Sun Revenant, Timeless Golem, Undying Iksar, Xakra Sei, Xakra Shah
Notable NPC's: Ancient Shissar Servit, Boulder, Crusader Kezzal, Grazak, Heirophant Grazen, Revenant Zsshta, Shattered Golem, Stonehand
Unique Items: Bone Braced Buckler, Bone Handled Scimitar, Bone Studded Bracelet, Carved Bone Ring, Clattering Bone Necklace, Golem's Jawbone, Grey Flesh Armor, Hardened Bone Spear, Hardened Grey Flesh Armor, Harness of the Grey Flesh, Polished Stone Staff, Rock Studded Smasher, Shissar Eye Earring, Shissar Scale Armor, Stone Bead Choker, Stone Bladed Axe, Stone Bladed Stiletto
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Text last updated: 12/22/02
Map last updated: 12/22/02


The Grey used to be part of the Scarlet Desert, and still resembles it with its many sand dunes. However, long ago it became exposed to the vacuum of space. Now the place is a barren, dangerous place with few natural inhabitants. Those that remain are strong enough to live in a place with no air for long periods of time.


The entire zone is in a vacuum, which means that everyone will drown there as if they were underwater on Norrath. Use of Enduring Breath or similar spells will prevent this.

Since the Grey is a lifeless void, and you will very rarely be able to forage food or water here. You need to bring all that you might need while you journey here.

This zone appears mostly barren as you walk across it, with few signs of life evident other than the timeless golems wandering lost on the surface. However, throughout the Grey there is life just below the surface, and travel is very dangerous as monsters will often spring up right beneath your feet or in the rocks around you.


Most of the creatures in this zone are undead, so classes with anti-undead powers can do very well here.

Travelling To and From The Grey

The entrance to Scarlet Desert is at 550, -1850.

The entrance to Mons Letalis is at -1750, 320.

The entrance to Ssraeshza Temple is at 50, 50.

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