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Location: Plains on the light side of Luclin

Umbral Plains

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Adjacent Zones: Maiden's Eye, Vex Thal
Level of Monsters: 55-60
Types of Monsters: Shak Dathor, Gantru Moktor, Gantru Radulkan, Gantru Shojen, Gantru Shojilen, Dark Assassin, Dark Master, Large Zelniak, Disturbed Elysian Remains, Fallen Soldier, Gargantuan Zelniak, Massive Stone Guardian, Guardian Spirit, Netherbian Flesh Eater, Netherbian Hive Fiend, Netherbian Ravager
Notable NPC's: Rumblecrush, Zelnithak, Corrupted Elysian Elder, Netherbian Hive Fiend, Netherbian Swarmcaller, Binkl Dirkwafer, Gantru Dralkenr, Radir Fireshower, Doomshade, Fallen Sergeant, Fyrthek Fior, Gantru Dralkenr, Remains of Vah Kerreth, Shak Dathor, Spirit of Radir, Zelnithak, Festersore, Shak Dathor Warlord, Netherbian Swarmlord, Netherbian Advisor
Unique Items: Ancient Medallion of Faith, Blackbone Fists, Black Velvet Pants, Bow of Doom, Bracelet of Beauty, Bracelet of Comprehension, Bracelet of Fortitude, Bracelet of Might, Bracelet of Quickness, Bracelet of Sense, Breastplate of Integrity, Calamity’s End, Carved Lunar Scimitar, Chooser's Cap, Cloak of Destruction, Crystal Enervated Armband, Cursed Halo of Thought, Curved Lunar Scimitar, Dark Assassin Armor, Dark Master Armor, Dark Steel Weapons, Drathor Scale Helm, Dream Weaver Armor, Dream Weaver Webshield, Earring of Endless Speed, Elysian Armor, Ethereal Silk Sleeves, Flaming Dirk, Gantru Charm, Globe of Endless Energy, Grand Shield of Faith, Knotted Dusters, Longsword of Freedom, Mithril Edged Short Sword, Moktor Armor, Necklace of Wishes, Pebble Crusher, Radulkan Armor, Rei’s Battleworn Dirk, Ring of the Ages, Rotting Flesh Armor, Seared Bone Mask, Shaded Dagger, Shadowy Assassin’s Cape, Shawl of Ice, Shojen Armor, Skull Marked Shield, Soft Satin Gloves, Threaded Platinum Bracelet, Tome of Self Reflection, Totem of Shadows, Tunic of Kinship, Vah Shir Skin Robe, Warblade of the Fallen, Wicked Mail
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Text last updated: 04/26/02
Map last updated: 04/26/02


The Umbral Plains is a vast stretch of grasslands, open as far as the eye can see. Within these lands lies some of the most aggressive and powerful monsters on the entire moon of Luclin. The entrance to the zone itself is guarded by four stone guardians and Rumblecrush, and the mighty dungeon of Vex Thal lies off of here, for those strong enough to reach it.


The most important point to remember in this zone is that monsters aggressiveness is based on Line of Sight. Basically if you can see them they can see you and will agro. It’s not total line of sight for all mobs but some see you from outside your viewing area and will appear as if not aggro’d, when in fact they saw you from afar. There are several topography related spots in the zone from which to pull the monsters more efficiently.

Remember that Acumen buffed Moktor’s and Radulkan’s can see invisible and the Disturbed Elysian’s will see through invisible because they are undead and relate to the Remains of Van Kerrath quest.

Killing the Netherbian Swarmcaller in the Netherbian caves results in the swarm being called. Basically several waves of Netherbians will then spawn and attack you, ending only when the Swarmlord appears.

Due to the high level of monsters in this zone it is highly recommended that your character be of at least 55-60 unless you are with a significant raid force


Remains of Van Kerrath - This is a Key related quest for entrance into Vex Thal that requires proper faction with the Whiperlings. After proper interaction with the remains you receive a 10 slot container and instructons on collecting the 10 missing chain links required to combine for the Medallion of Akelha Ra – key to enter.

All of the named mobs add and existing mobs have been itemized with loot and will provide the adventurer in this zone a nice bounty. Some of the armor drops in the zone are possibly quest related with Vex Thal and this will become more evident as players venture farther into it’s confines. The armor is also very powerful, similar to planar level loot, but require you to be level 50 or higher to really take advantage of.

Travelling To and From Umbral Plains

The entrance to Maiden's Eye is located at -500, +1500.

The entrance to Vex Thal is located at -1500, -750.

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