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Location Key
Lettered Stairs lead to each other
1 Back Room spawns Reclusive Ghoul Magi who drops Savants Cap (Common) and Dusty Bloodstained Gloves (Rare)
2 Barroom where spawns: Undead Barkeep who drops Opalline Earring (Common) and Thick Leather Apron (Rare), and Zombie of Unrest Noble
3 Room with Reanimated Hand which drops Ivory Bracelet
4 Tower that spawns Priest of Najena who drops Polished Brass Key
5 Tower Room
6 "Tower" with Undead Knight who drops Bloodstained Mantle (Common) and Bloodstained Tunic (Rare)
7 Main Basement Room, filled with Werebats and Festering Hags
8 Blood Trap, be sure to walk *through* the lava, going around it will make you fall in pits
9 "Dwarf Room" with Garanel Rucksforth who drops Jagged Bands (Common) and Dwarven Work Boots (Rare), also has Tentacle Terrors who drop Tentacle Whips, and Dark Terrors

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